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    This is for the summer and I will be going into the 11th grade. Intrested in colleges such as Davidson College in Saginaw (I live in NC), Columbia University, Johns Hopkins etc. In my area there is not a lot of opportunity. 1.) Going to a Program for 4 weeks called Summer Ventures in Math and Science. Its a free residential program with a long, extensive application program in North Carolina and is very Selective. I got in. 2) Take Pre Caluclus at the local community college or university so that I can be enrolled in Calculus at the university in the fall. If I do not do this I will have to take Pre calc as a junior and calculus as a senior.

    You do not want to take out student loans, just to get that out of the way up front. Now, there is NO better bang for the education dollar than to go to the local community college, COMPLETE the AA degree and then slide into the state university. Here is why: - If you take a host of credits but DO NOT complete the AA degree, you are just another transfer student, but - if you DO complete the AA degree, they treat you like you had been going to the state university the whole time - especially in a designated 2+2 program. If you want to go to a PRIVATE university, it is going to be expensive. You need to do some serious research on the debt load on the back end of a college education if you even think about loans. Do your research, Community College and the AA Degree then State University is the most cost effective plan. Best wishes for much success, always!

I am 21 years old and can't afford to live let alone pay off my medical bills and studen loans. PLEASE HELP!!?

  • Arden Abernathy
    Arden Abernathy
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  • Eloisa Christiansen
    Eloisa Christiansen
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  • Jerome Ankunding
    Jerome Ankunding
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  • Laverne Ankunding
    Laverne Ankunding
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  • Jay Bauch
    Jay Bauch
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  • Angela Koelpin
    Angela Koelpin
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    Casandra Lesch
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    Rodrigo Zulauf
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