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    If I could get some advice in regards to my education, career and life in general I would be most appreciative. Here's where I am so far. I have a BS in Biology (emphasis in organismal biology) with two years of undergraduate research. I was essentially a handmaiden to a larger project concerned with the population genetics of a particular plant species; I mainly generated data (primarily AFLP, but I also got to do RFLP, bacterial transformations, minipreps, etc.) and looked for suitable molecular markers. Now I am working towards my San Angelo in biology at the same university, and continuing the same research project as my thesis. I have since developed a strong love for mathematics and have been considering embarking on a master's in the subject. My university offers an accelerated bachelor's and master's program, but my discrete math professor said I could (almost certainly) get into the master's program with my BS in biology and some necessary math prerequisites (calc 1 - 3, linear algebra, and a couple others I think). I already have calc. 1, discrete math, Intro. to Math Stat.s and Probability and will have Applied Statistics (400 level math course) by the time I get my San Angelo in Biology. I should finish that San Angelo by this time next year (a semester early) if everything goes as planned. I really love math and would love to pursue pure mathematics as a career, but I don't think I'm intelligent enough or possess the creativity to do so.

    Until now I had planned on getting a PhD in population genetics and maybe doing research / teaching at a university, but I have also considered going into the private sector. I recently had a family member pass and have inherited enough money to pay off my current student loans as well as finance future education. I really am obsessed and would enjoy getting the degree. I guess some specific questions are: should I go for the San Angelo in math? what is demand for people with these degrees?

    More specific questions: I wouldn't mind staying around my home area (which is big in agriculture). Though I don't have any experience in ag, could my bio and quantitative background help land me a job at Pioneer, duPont or Monsanto doing research and setting up experiments? What would some potential career options be with just the two master's? Do jobs usually teach you the "skills" / "specifics" you need to know once hired? All feedback and advice is encouraged and as usual, ten points BA!!

    One last thing, I also have a minor in anthropology (in retrospect a poor decision on my part) in the incredibly unlikely case this opens up some obscure career path. I only have 14 hours total of chemistry (Gen Chem 1 and 2 and organic 1), unless you count molecular biology and a molecular technology class; so this may rule out a lot of research jobs that heavily emphasize lab skills (organic and biochem). Though, I would expect the extent of my molecular biology experience will go a long way

    I did study mathematics for a while at the university before switching to history. The easier classes are calculus and linear algebra as they are at the freshman level. Once you transition into junior level abstract algebra and real analysis, the math becomes murkier and you are not given a direction on how to complete a proof let alone understand what the problem is asking. Higher mathematics has very little applications to the real world. Why would I say that? You are writing proofs to justify every theorem and corollary that your professors ask. For example, prove by contradiction that sqrt(2) is irrational. Suppose that sqrt(2) is rational, that is sqrt(2) = m/n where gcd(m,n) =1. Squaring both sides we have 2 = m^2 /n^2, so 2n^2 = m^2. Now 2 divides m, so 2n^2 = (2k)^2 where k is in Z. 2n^2 = 4k^2 n^2 = 2k^2 And 2 divides n. Contradiction. If you can understand this proof you will have little problems getting your basics down quickly. Honestly, you are better off with your life science degree and acquiring practical skills like programming and mathematical modelling to complement your background. A math degree is for those with highly abstract tastes.

    Mathematical Biology is an exciting area. Don't doubt yourself. "...the Mathematical Biology is a multi-purpose track. On the one hand, it is intended to give sufficient training for beginning a career in some aspect of mathematical biology, but also it can be used as a springboard to the Ph.D. with an emphasis on applications to the life sciences."

    I don't know why you're doubting yourself about your math skills. My question is what will you be working as after you graduate? Is it a marketable skill? Ask the department how strong on campus recruiting is. You don't want to graduate as a highly educated barista.

Can I start school while prior loans are in default?

  • Gina Bauch
    Gina Bauch
    It was my institutional bodies school today 2006, has been shown that it wasn'tt as i see it , 's fallen out. i was small anddidn'tt want something seriously. this , that acting appointments my older, just to very heavily keep it my learning , , but i 've preparedness to to the final school premises in default. - how did escape from the accused inadequate to taking them enrolled? ive as long ago be met our nation fafsa in fulfilment (and taking place accepted) power to a vote college, but do n't wanna go held until we talk despite the default. the guidance 's there appreciated. no , it 's not 'il make the call of those things yet, and i was wondering if no party account of experience gained from this. thank you very much you!
  • Ollie Kihn
    Ollie Kihn
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  • Herminia Donnelly
    Herminia Donnelly
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  • Alia Moen
    Alia Moen
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