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    Go to this site and click on "how much will my payments be?" and a mortgage calculater will pop up and you can play with the numbers.

    When you Decide to buy, decide on how much you really want to spend $1600.00 month for PITI. On a 100 percent loan you would have to escrow your property taxes and homeowners insurance which is the PITI. Say the taxes are 2200 a YR and insurance 900.00 a year (just an estimate, ok) That is 3100.00 a year divided by 12 = 258.33 So you take 1600.00 minus 258.33 = 1341.67 minus Snyder insurance (and that depends greatly on your credit) - say 100.00 - now you are down to 1241.67 for your Principle and Interest payment. 200,000@ 6 % = 1199.10 PI only. 1557.43 Total 250,000 @ 6 % = 1499.88 PI only. 1857.21 Total One thing to remember, if property taxes are lower, you can qualify for a higher loan amt, if property taxes are Higher, loan amt is lower. Ask what property taxes are, and what exceptions they have (mortgage credit, homestead credit, etc) The credits lower your taxes. These are estimates only. If you get a MyCommunity100 loan, or a Freddie Mac 100 Loan, or any of the others, Lenders look at DTI (Debit to Income Ratio). 29/43 29 percent for house payment & 43 percent for total debit. I have seen it higher up to 50 DTI total debit. No collections or judgements that are open (especially judgements). What is listed on your credit report is what lenders take into consideration in your DTI ratios. Also, on a 100 percent loan, 3% seller help is allowed toward closing cost. Hope this information helps you .

    For Finance and credit solutions I always visit this website where you can find all the solutions. :Mortgage payment question? Ok here are the facts I am willing to spend $1600 a month No downpayment 6% interest rate Taxes around $2500 a year How much house can I buy? Update: Oh yeah, over 30 years Follow 7 answers

    No downpayment loans don't exist anymore. You'll have to put down at least 10%. You're taxes will probably be close to the average of $5,000 a year. Don't forget home owner's insurance - $50-80 a month. If you don't put down at least 20%, then you'll pay PMI insurance ($150-$250 a month).

    I would use the following calculator over at is a much better source of information. You can also shop around for a mortgage on that site. Very valuable info...

    Around $225,000 which would be $1349 a month plus taxes and home owners insurance.

    If you go to the link I am including - then to mortgage - then to tips and tools - they have several great mortgage calculators that will help you answer all your questions. Use the site above, plug the numbers in and viola!

College? Yes or No? Thoughts? Suggestions?

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