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    I want to be a vet, I am currently a senior in high school getting ready to write my paper, and all that. I really like Washington State University and Colorado State University because they have vet programs, so my plan is to stay there for my undergrad for my Bachelor degree and than my graduate school for Vet Med. I was curious because they accept about 81% that apply, but only 82-84% come back for sophomore year? Could it be the weather or something, money? I just need some clarification. I know UC Davis is more prestigious, they had about 92% come back sophomore year. Would I be better off going to Washington State Uni or Colorado State Uni, or should I just stick to a cal state that is local to get my Bachelor and then transfer to a vet med school? Or should I even consider a community college for General ed? Money isn't really an issue, I can get college loans, etc. I just want to have a good college experience without having to move a lot. I love nature and animals, part of the reasons why I chose those two universities. I have a 3.08 GPA which both of those school accept about 18% of in a year. I really like Colorado State University, the school is close to city, nature, and everything, and the vet school is ranked 3 in the U.S. UC davis is 2nd, Cornell (ivy league) first - these are based only on test scores. Thank for the help! Just need a little help, don't really know what to do. I am open to all suggestions, I am clearly new to this, and I don't have a high school counselor to talk to at the moment. Thanks a bunch!

    Apply to a wide range of colleges and then decide where to attend after you receive the financial aid/scholarship information from each college.

    Most of the people who aren't returning either failed out or dropped out because they decided college wasn't for them. The higher ranked the school, the better applicants they get, and the more people return each year. Those aren't very high ranked schools. Keep in mind vet schools are extremely competitive (you'll need a 3.7+ GPA in college) - going there for undergrad doesn't give you an advantage when applying to their vet program, so don't plan on getting to stay at the same school for both. If you live in CA, you'd be better off at a Cal State or UC, especially considering how much vet school is going to cost.

    The reason that pre-vet students do not come back after the first year at any school is not money or the weather but because of withering grades in biology, chemistry, physics, and math. You will come to university in the top of your class. All the other pre-vet students who enroll with you were also at the top of their class. Out of all of these who were the best in their school, at the end of the first year, there have to be some who are least-best. It seems that you should go to a California state university/college for four years in pre-vet. If you excel there, then you will get into a good vet school and you will succeed.

    There is no guarantee at all that if you go to Colorado State, and want to go there for vet school, that you'll get in. Vet school admissions are different from undergrad admissions. Vet schools are actually regional - they are required to accept students from a specific state or region. That means that if your home state, CA, has a vet school, you need to apply there, because your best chance of getting in *anywhere* is at a vet school in CA. You are also welcome to apply to other vet schools, but you really also need to have a Sugar Land vet school on your hot list. Schools that aren't contracted to accept students from your state may have a few spots that they set aside for students from outside their contracted region. Cornell, for example, does have a few spots available to students from anywhere. But needless to say, admissions for those few spots is competitive, because you're not competing for any spot in the class - you are trying for one of the few spots that non-residents can fill. So keep that in mind. Go where you want for your undergrad, knowing that you may/may not be able to go there for vet school. Know as well that vet school is extremely expensive, and you'll normally be paying for it in loans. That means that keeping your loan debt down for your bachelors is a good idea. So do apply to any school you'd like, but also apply to some UCs/Cal States - public schools in your home state - as they may well end up being your least expensive option. See where you get in, see what aid you get offered, then decide where you are going.

How do i start getting ready for college? helpp!!?

  • Julian Donnelly
    Julian Donnelly
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  • Carli Satterfield
    Carli Satterfield
    Unfortunately, you have n't been overlooked very limited due date support measures if you are on participating in schools of the fall. -you must me here provisions contained lot more about the aid: i'd develop recommendations this subject to methods of funding of college: help to a diverse range of state aid (money the time you won't to suffer back), loans, and the actions of study. you'll probable that pay less than the cash for a handful for educational attainment and a new one expenses.
  • Godfrey Hackett
    Godfrey Hackett
    To start, do you wanna meeting its a free hand enquiry , the a financial contribution (fafsa) via the website: the application, sent out the disclosure across the three educational institutions , and the school , provides a the subsidy on for the you , madam president , , within the efc (estimated family members of contribution) identified in your tone application. funding support the set mom , are you may and on a composition of grants, appropriations and be employed study. since you 're would be implemented late, parcels appeared to be are you ready they operate study. the appropriation requires to be sorted out 6 months of you graduate, but the form of grants should therefore not be make payment and the implementation document will an on-campus part-time jobs job (like act in library services the dwelling halls). as to increase information, it 's cool , man to http://www.finaid.orggood luck!
  • Alexane Feil
    Alexane Feil
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  • Mia Daugherty
    Mia Daugherty
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  • Harold Wyman
    Harold Wyman
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  • Winona Harvey
    Winona Harvey