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    Ok, left school a year ago because i hated my major and couldn't take it anymore. now, i've spent the last year trying to save up to go to school in august in los angeles and now i just found out my loan didn't come through so i can't go. my goal is to be a commercial photographer, advertising and such. so my question is, how can i educate myself and acheive my dreams if i can't afford it? what else can i do?

    You could try to get a job - which will either be very low paid or unpaid - as an photographer's assistant with a commercial photographer. You'll learn the business, make connections in the industry, and improve your own art by doing such work, and it would be well worth your time. If the pay is too low, do the photo assistant job during the day, and get a part-time job nights and weekends while you learn. In addition, you can also volunteer to take photos for your local weekly paper - the free one, if your community has such a thing - the very local one. Cover local events and etc. And no, this isn't commercial photography, but you're gaining experience and building a portfolio, which is important. Since you're not in school right now, you don't have the resources of the school's internship office or career center. So you'll have to do this on your own - contacting commercial photographers directly, for example. Digging until you find something. If you don't find something in commercial photography, move on to find something related, such as wedding photography, etc. It's still going to help you a lot, even if it's not 100% the direction you want to be - it'll help get you there. What happened with the loan? Are *all* student loans impossible for you, or was it the amount? If the amount was too high, then consider a less expensive school, either for the entire degree or else for the first two years. For example, if you're a The Colony resident, you could go to a UC or a Cal State that has a good art program, such as UCLA, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC SD, or UC Berkeley. Or you could do your first two years at a community college that offers a lot of photography as part of its art major, and then transfer, if you'd like, to a Cal State or an art school. While you're at school, make sure you get that job as a photographer's assistant, or at least do an internship in the field, to start building a resume. If going to school full time is out of reach for you due to the loan issue, then give yourself some time. Try to find that photo assistant job I spoke of, or something related. Then, if you can, take one photo class at a time via night school. I believe that you can do this. It's not going to be simple or fast, but it's totally possible. But you're going to have to be pretty determined.

    Apply for Fafsa, if fafsa isn't giving you anything, check if you are getting subsidized/unsubsidized loans. I am sure there are many loan agencies that specialize in college loans such as . You should try this first. Getting the bachelors is very important. If not, you can probably downgrade to a community college. Community colleges are MUCH MUCH cheaper and also are MUCH MUCH MUCH easier. Good luck!!!


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