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    Before some one stars with there "immigrants don't belong here" well this entire country was taken from the native american people by lies and killing. We came to this country for a better future just like every other one that came from from an other country including the first pilgrims, and the whole thing that we don't pay taxes if were trying to hide in this land why wold we place a bulls eye on our heads for the IRS to find and the send immigration. now that thing about us taking jobs from citizens well i'm a shift leader at a restaurant were there are mostly people born here i dint get to this position because they had pity on me no i worked my back to the bone. I work with people that complain constantly about the work when i do more, of course every one is different but some what to be managers, chefs and restaurant owners but complaint about a simple 4 hour cashier shift. my goal is to be a chef and provide good food to all if i have work my bones ash I'll do it with a smile a

    LEGALLY YES YOU CAN. unfortunately as an AB540 student you will not qualify for financial aid or loans and given that the art institute is a private insitution you probably wont be able to afford it (hence why USC doesnt have much of an AB540 population). I suggest you look into a local community college culinary programs to get an AA in culinary Arts(the american culinary federations website has a list of accredited programs) University Park try doing your lower division gen eds at a local comunity college and transfering to a university that has a hospitality program (i.e cal state long beach, san francisco state, or Cal poly pomona) and work on your bachelors there.Youll still have to pay out of pocket (undocumented students usually work two jobs and sometimes three during school breaks) but it will be a lot cheaper than a private institution like the art institute which is around 90 grand

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    NO. And for the rest of your bogus statement. Let me educate you. You are not a pilgrim but an illegal alien. There were no laws against the pilgrims or the first settlers. There are laws against you. I am an American Indian and you have posted on the internet that your illegal and working illegally. This can be sent to the proper authorities. Immigrants do belong here, illegal aliens DO NOT! Why do you deny what your people have done to the American Indians. How are you working unless you have fraudulent papers or working under the table committing another crime. YOu came to this country to take advantage instead of standing up for your people and your country that you abandoned. I find it repulsive that they allow any illegal to work with food considering they have had no inoculations and are spreading diseases. Illegal Immigrants Who Handle USA Food Could Have TB Madeline Cosman - Illegal Aliens and Tuberculosis up on the American Indian: Geronimo’s war with Mexico most likely started in 1835 when the Mexican state of Sonora, in an all-out effort to rid the Sierra Madres of the Nedhai band, passed a law offering one hundred pesos (roughly equal to one American dollar) for every scalp of an Apache warrior. Two years later, the state of Chihuahua set a scale of one hundred pesos for a warrior’s scalp, fifty for a woman’s, and twenty-five for a child’s. Many white mercenaries killed Apaches in the United States and took the scalps into Mexico for the bounty. It became increasingly dangerous for any Apache to live anywhere in Apacheria. With his first wife Alope, his mother Juana, and three children to support, Geronimo moved into the Big and Little Burro Mountains area of Arizona, where he met the magnificent Mimbreno leader, Mangas Coloradas, father-in-law of the famous Cochise. Geronimo formed a deep and lasting friendship with the Mimbreno chief. By the summer of 1850, Geronimo and his Bedonkohe adherents had come under the full leadership and protection of Mangas Coloradas. On a trading trip to Casa Grandes, with the great chief leading, they stopped at a town they called Kas-ki-yeh. It has been accepted that this site is the town of Janos in the Mexican state of Chihauhau. It was a peaceful expedition, and all the women and children were along. While the men were out hunting meat, a group of Mexican troops swooped down upon the camp, butchering nearly everyone in sight. The massacre of his family loosed Geronimo upon the land. It was an enraged, burning hatred he carried against the Mexicans until his dying day. He is known to have had at least one sibling, a sister. They grew up in a time of trouble in the 1820s and 1830s, and learned firsthand what it meant to be an enemy of others. They watched their male relatives go off to battle against other tribes, the Spanish and Mexicans. There were tales of Apache wives being captured by Mexicans, sold as slaves, their children taken from them, who later managed to escape and return to their tribes. Such was the story of Nah-thle-tla, an Apache women kidnapped when Mexicans attacked their camp. Her children were taken from her forever and after she served several years in slavery she escaped and journeyed at least 250 miles to return to her tribe.

    Unfortunately it seems that illegal immigrants are able to do a lot of things that they shouldn't be able to including get state funded aid (welfare, food stamps, etc.), jobs & free education so why not. And who cares if they don't speak english.

    Of course not, illegal aliens are being looked for, as soon as they are found they are deported. We have laws now, there were not immigration laws hundreds of years ago. and illegal immigrant are not only not wanted they are being searched for. Also there is now no way for an illegal ever to become legal, marraige, babies it all doesnt mean squat.

    Hey Buddy, You might get some help from Regards


    Sure can...they just can't get a job using what they learned when finished

    ONLY if they can successfully draw the little turtle wearing a hat.

    Illegal immigrants shouldn't be here period.

Can financial aid, grants, and loans cover housing?

  • Orrin Oberbrunner
    Orrin Oberbrunner
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    Raleigh Abernathy
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  • Christ Lynch
    Christ Lynch
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