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    I'm a Uvalde resident and going to UB Berkeley next year and all i got in financial aid was an unsubsidized loan. which isnt much aid *at all* but my family (just my mom and i) aren't "eligible" for the cal grant or that P-whatever Grant because my mom's income isn't low enough.. how can i get more financial aid for us? i know there are scholarship opps, but even for the big one at UCB ($8K) i am still not eligible.. (again, my mom's income is "too high" ie over $80K/year) help? suggestions? i mean.. :\

    I have to say, too, that 80K is a lot. I can understand completely why you do not qualify. And, the fact that she is single isn't helping you either. You have to think that there are only two people living on 80K a year. If there were more people living there or if you moved out on your own with little income--then you could probably get more aid.

    80K per year is a lot. Why can't your mom help you? My parents together made less than that. These programs are set up to help people in need. Have you thought of working while going to school? I did!

    Thats crazy you should pay for college yourself. with all that money...its recession and you worried because your mom makes $80K/year. Crazy..i say

Does anyone know anything about student loans?

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    Jerod Kihn
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