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    Ok my bf is graduating from Cal State Northridge in about a year and he plans to become a nurse and work for like 2-3 years and then go to med school. is this a bad idea? our "plan" is after he graduates, he will study to be a nurse which might take him like 3-4 yrs (i think) n then work 2-3 yrs (while he's working he'll be saving up money to pay for med school) by then i should be graduating from vet school (i want to be a veterinarian) and once i grauate ill start working right away n then thats when he goes to med school. (we're like taking turns in a way) he needs to work soon cuz he needs money especially since he needs to support his mom and his mom is going to retire in a couple of yeah thats he's plan even though i think he should go straight to med school after he graduates, is there anything else he can do? or we can do? any ideas? also whats a good med school? i know he is thinking of harvard med school n ucla med school thanks to anyone who answers =)

    No, it sounds like a poor idea. If he is currently in college, but hasn't been working toward a nursing degree, he can count on at least 2 more years (it shouldn't be 3-4, since he won't have to retake his gen ed courses) and then work. As you have said, it will take him until he is in his 30s to start med school and that will take him another 4 years, then he will have to do residencies, so it could be anywhere from 5 to 12 or so years until he would finish. That is a huge amount of time, and by the time he would finish, it would take him a number of additional years to pay off loans. A much better plan is that he would apply immediately for med school. It is nice of him to want to help his mom out, but if she can't support herself on her own social security and retirement funds for at least the next few years, she just shouldn't be retiring yet; that is not his responsibility at this point. No one can afford medical school - everyone takes out loans, and he will be doing the same. Then he would be finished with med school by 26 or 27, and would be ready to start his own life at an appropriate time. I hate to say it, but unless he is one of the best students ever produced by CSUN, Harvard is a distant dream. He should talk to their pre-med advisor about appropriate schools to apply to based upon his academic record. You might want to do the same, as vet school is even harder to get into (and there are fewer of them) than med school. It sounds like you want to stay together. If that is the plan, you may have to look at how you would work that out as well, since there aren't many options. In California, the only vet school is at UC Davis, so that may be one option for the two of you, but since I don't know much about your records, it is hard to say.

    First, may I suggest posting your question at the Student Doctor forums? You may get better information from persons who are currently in pre-med or medical school. Sometimes med schools like it when someone has a lot of clinical experience as another type of health care professional, sometimes it is viewed negatively, e.g. as someone who took up a space in nursing school that could have been used by someone who wanted to be a nurse for life. Has he been taking the required pre-medical courses as an undergraduate? And does he have a high GPA? Here are some options you might not have considered: There are some accelerated BSN programs for persons who want to be nurses but already have a bachelor's degree. They take about 18 months rather than 3-4 years. Also, the armed forces will pay someone to go to medical school but after residency, the person must repay the armed forces with a number of years of active duty and additional years on reserve. Finally, in 2-3 years he may be able to get a master's degree as a physician assistant. (see link for Weatherford programs.) You might want to check to compare salaries and scope of practice for PA's and RNs in your area.

    Nursing School: You are already an LPN so I could wager that obtaining right into a RN/BSN software would not be that elaborate for you. Since you're already skilled, the entire history knowledge is already identified to you. You is not going to have got to spend as so much time in institution both. Medical School: You will one million.) Spend four years in getting a bachelor's measure two.) Spend four years in scientific institution three.) spend four-eight years as a resident. You might be forty earlier than you're a training health practitioner. I have no idea what your fiscal problem is, however consider that almost all scientific faculties rate $30,000-forty,000/yr if you're now not a resident in their state. Also, you (as an LPN) are as a rule getting paid higher than you're going to be as a resident after scientific institution. In my opinion, for the reason that of your total problem (youngsters and the whole lot), I could say you will have to pass to your BSN and even Master's in nursing afterwards.

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