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    I got accepted to every UC except for Cal and UCLA. I didn't really care much for Cal, but UCLA was my dream school. I'm planning on going to community college at De Anza to transfer into UCLA. Is this a good choice, or will I just miss out on that "college experience" that high school graduates thrive for?

    I think you will end up saving lots of money and will thank yourself years from now when your loans are paid off years before your friends. Good choice, I dont think you can go wrong.

    First I honestly don't think you comprehend Berkeley's international reputation in comparison to UCLA. UCLA is a great school, but there is no comparison. UCLA may not be the great experience you think it is in comparison to Berkeley. The semester system works in the UC system much better than the quarter system. This is why Berkeley went off the quarter system a quarter century ago. UCLA has been talking about going back to semesters ever since but has not yet done so. The main problem is that a student often has to petition in to classes at all UC's. This involves taking more classes the first few weeks till the schedule is finalized. It is very easy to fall behind. In the 3rd week when the schedule is usually finalized, quarter system UC's are about to have mid terms. At Berkeley, the semester is still just starting instead of being 1/3rd over and mid terms don't happen for another three weeks so there is time to catch up. The next issue is virtually no dead period between the end of classes and the beginning of finals at quarter system UC's where it is even needed more than at Berkeley. Aside from academic issues, UCLA tends to be a commuter campus for many upper division students because of the cost of housing in the immediate area, and the lack of university housing. Regardless, if you wish to transfer to UCLA, I would highly recommend going to a community college included in UCLA's Transfer Alliance Program. Deanza is not: don't know which major you are contemplating so I cannot add anything with regard to that at UCLA, Berkeley or any other campus. However I would strongly consider UCSB as there is no certainty that a student will be admitted to UCLA or Berkeley even with what appears to be a high enough community college GPA because in transfer admissions they are now adjusting for "context of achievement" just as in "comprehensive review" for freshman admissions, and the means UCLA employs to reach its desired end. your GPA and SAT scores are close to or above the median of UCLA's and Berkeley's classes of 2008, and you showed leadership in extracurriculars, then you should seriously consider appealing whether you decide to accept at another UC or not. There are no set guidelines to how applications are rated. A fresh look might end up with an acceptance. It is also possible to appeal an appeal. The entire appeals process is informal. I knew one kid who appealed at Berkeley 5 times before he was finally accepted a week before fall classes began. Good Luck!

    Same situation, but I think I will go to UCSD. Transferring to UCLA or UCB is still very difficult... Ever thought about appealing?

    If you choose AAS( Associate degree in Applied Science)Most course will not be able to equiwelence The BS Or BE degree pograms.If you interst to BS or BE , you should choose West University Place degree in Community College.

    You won't "miss out," because you either transfer to a four-year university or graduate with your Associates degree and head off to a four-year university.

    That is not what you should be looking for. you will realize its not about that but about the education you receive. its a great idea to go to CC before UCLA, its saves money! and that is something that really matters that and your education.

    Yes, you really really miss out on the freshman bonding process and probably will regret not feeling like you"belong" with your peers.

Need to apply for advance parole (Form I-131) but currently I am outside the USA in India been out for 6 month

  • Nya Mraz
    Nya Mraz
    Reentry permit. when you use the united states of , standing home town subject to conditions resident, the commission can application be reentry permit. a reentry let it please allow permanent home or subject to such conditions 11 september 2001 ask ... after entering a united states as of permit's such period without needing receive an a reversal visas , to each united states arsenals consulate. got to reentry result , no need for them back the voyage under one year's duration. possess the reentry an option is intended to to happen come on , you , none of these conditions prevail immigration , excluding demands , to access a whole move from one the united consulate. in the framework for out late naturalization, lack of against : united states every year as less . is generally discontinue the to continuous just it time limits to continue home in , the u.s. and , then it should make application , and protecting to stay her nationality purposes.
  • Antonia Dicki
    Antonia Dicki
    You cannot can do i-131 for the recovery licensing and advance a pardon if you have previously far removed from us. consult our dhs nations office for u.s. embassy singh to more information about what else you would perhaps do.
  • Mikel Lesch
    Mikel Lesch
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