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    Okay so long story short I am going to miss my friends once they ALL leave for college (far away). Literally (or at least it seems that way) all of my high school friends are moving onto college far away from me. This is leaving me feeling really sad. I know they haven't left yet, but I know that I am going to miss them, so it still makes me sad to think of the days ahead. I have a desire to leave home, but it is not possible for me right now. I just don't see God calling me away right now. With that said, I haven't really heard His voice in awhile anyways... I am not happy in Maine where I live. Sure I would live here one day again, but I really want to go away, and seeing my friends move to new towns and cities and LOVING their new homes & friends makes me want to leave here so badly. Maine can be boring, and my friends are out there having TONS of fun. I just feel so bored and lonely. I know that I am not totally alone because God is always with me, but I still wish I could hug my friends and kiss them face- to- face. I cannot do that with Jesus, and that kind of stinks. One of the friends who's moving used to be my old flame. I love him even still (three years later). I never stopped. I don't know what God's hopes for us are, if any at all, but I am worried that I might lose him to another girl. Which is selfish, but I'm being honest here. Does anyone have a similar story? How did it end? What did you do to keep yourself busy during this hard time? Thank you and God bless. <3 :)

    Why can't you go? It would be good for you! Go! Look online for a Christian college. Pensacola Christian College is an accredited college and has very good tuition prices. Cal Baptist in Riverside White Settlement is a very good Christian College. Grants, Loans, Goooooooooo!! Tickle those keys, start looking for a way, pray about it. You may find the "one" and serve God at the same time. :)

    I know those people may seem like the world to you right now. But high school friends are not friendships that ever last very long. You will develop more profound emotional connections in the years to come, and when you do, you will see that high school was not that big a deal. It really is a very, very small part of our lives. Good luck.

    I experienced the same type of depression after graduating from Master's Commission. And honestly, I don't know the answer. Just keep waiting on the Lord. Find what He last told you to do, and just keep doing that until He tells you differently. Find a ministry and get connected. And stay connected to that guy you like (something I need to kick myself in the butt to do, because part of me still holds out for a particular guy I was close to in Master's Commission--second year, of course!). To keep myself busy, I went to college and thew myself into honing my artistic skills. I'd like to go into animation one day. I'm also pursuing ministry credentials. But what keeps me really busy is interacting with people online. I regularly get into discussions with people over YouTube, DeviantART, Fanfiction forums and here, of course. Most of my regular connections are online now, and I stay close to the nerd community, as we're the only ones who regularly talk to one another (ie none of us have lives in the real world). But it does provide some ministry opportunity. I need to find a trail running buddy to get back into shape, though.

    Once upon a time I friends. Then they all died in car accident. I was sparred because I stayed home because I was sick. If I had gone out with them, I too along with my four friends would have been killed when the drunk as$ driver hit them head on.

    The years will pass you by before you know it .. try to stay in the blessing you know is from God is all i can tell you .. thats a sure thing ..

Applying for Advance Parole - What counts as 'bona fide reason'?

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    Jessie West
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    Emmy McLaughlin
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    Libby Kunde
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    Mohamed Auer
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    Olin Stanton
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