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    I was recently laid off due to financial troubles and am eligible for unemployment benefits. I work on a hourly + commission basis and have worked for this single employer for the past 18months. I received my unemployment insurance claim in the mail which states a breakdown of my quarterly earnings. The statement only lists my quarterly earnings from June 2010, with September 2010, December 2010 and March 2011 quarters remaining empty. Since I work commission, the amount changes per quarter so I don't understand why only one quarter shows on the file. Also, the quarter reported is the quarter in which I made the least amount. The reported quarter is less than the other quarters $5000, 12,000 and $18,000 respectively. The company has had some financial troubles. Is it possibly that they purposely did not report my earning? So ultimately, I have three questions. 1. Is there any legitimate reason for the company to only report one quarter in the last 12 months? 2. What should I do to correct this mistake? 3. Are there any potential legal consequences for the company? Thank you to everyone in advance!

    The company has 40+ employees across several states. My particular location is California. The person that does payroll is a family member of the owner who lives in Oregon and has no experience or knowledge of payroll and/or hr procedures. There's been several issues with proper procedures as they claim that Oregon laws and regulations apply instead of California law due to the headquarters being in Oregon. A claim that I am about 99.99% certain is not true. One example is the claim that they do not have to pay any overtime to employees including following the overtime laws for over 8 hours worked in a day rule. They also told us that we must clock out for a lunch within the 6 hour period regardless of if we actually take a break. They said that we should pause, clock out, and then continue working, but if we don't clock out during that time, we'll be written up. We've also had 3 pay structure changes over the past year. Including changing the requirement of being paid commissio

    You should show UI your paystubs. Yes, the company will get a fine. If the company is a very small business - less than 5 employees or so, they would pay taxes quarterly; the payments don't need to be made with each payroll process. If you work for a company larger than that, the money has to be deposited 3 days after the pay date. But the identification of the money is only provided quarterly. What this means: For example you got paid 7/29 and paid $100 in taxes. That $100 goes to the IRS but the money is not allocated to you. On a quarterly basis they tell what the allocation is. My guess and this is only a guess: The company you work for is a financial mess. They are just a mess and haven't gotten their ducks in a row. If it's a company of less than 5 employees, they probably haven't paid the taxes or submitted the tax forms. they maybe using the tax money to float the company or they have the money and just haven't gotten around to paying it in. If the company is over the threshold that has to pay taxes with the payments, the IRS has the money. But the company has not provided the documentation that allocates it to you. They are just a financial mess and probably "haven't gotten around" to taxes, not intentionally cheating you. Add'l Info: You are correct. California law dictates how South Burlington based employees will be handled. So, they need to comply with the 8 hour daily overtime law and pay out accrued vacation when terminated.

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