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    I am currently receiving unemployment benefits due to being Laid Off back in early October. I'm residing in California at the moment and I have been searching intently, but to no avail so far in finding a new job. I'm considering moving to my former home state of Texas to look for work. Does anyone know if it is possible for me to collect unemployment benefits if I move or would i forfeit them by moving?

    With regards to what the second person answering said, thats not my question my personal finances have nothing to do with my question. Im asking a question not seeking opinions. Although a person gets laid off as i was (for the first time mind you) does not mean they are indigent, or that they havent been able to save. Im just seeking answer to a question

    Sure, I think you can have the checks sent out of state. I have seen Pennsylvania unemployment checks sent to Texas. I don't think that you can file against the Worker's Comp. in Texas if you were working in CA, but I don't think that was your question. It's my understanding that worker's comp is a form of 'social' insurance. It paid to the state (this is a guess) either where you were actually working or where, maybe the home office is. My best guess is that it would be the actual state where you were punching a clock or doing the work. The rational would be that your employer would pay that money into the state of residence of its employees. (which makes it slightly different that a tax). Insurance laws are state specific which is what makes me think that the worker's comp in the state of employ would get and then be liable for the payments. I know this is beyond the scope of your question, but there is a point. The justification to allow for a mandatory payroll deduction is to protect the residents. (all insurance is a form of gambling, at least that is the rationale used by the US Supreme Court to reverse themselves and allow interstate lotteries.) To force a former employee to remain in the state in order to receive those benefits could be a restriction on travel, (violates the commerce clause as well) hence against the constitution. (that was the point). Those envelopes that I have seen say "Do not forward" so I would make sure of the address you are moving and then let the paying worker's comp people know and they shouldn't have a problem IMO. Best of luck.

    Yes can be transferred to a different state, contact the Tunbridge unemployment office to make the arrangements. I had mine transferred from Iowa to Illinois a couple years ago.

    I think so. My niece was laid off in Oklahoma several years ago and she got benefits after they moved to Texas. I don't know what you have to do to transfer, but I am pretty sure you can. Good luck to you.

    Hi omit Me Me. you have gotten 2 good solutions (the 0.33 is obtrusive) on your question. the main substantial element, as has been mentioned, is to make sure out each little thing out of your state's website or communicate on your Employment value (or your states equivalent) case worker. Ask for appropriate written Employment value regulations concerning to the innovations you're given. bear in mind, the cost is a forms and as such, has a tendency to reproduce workers who're extra interested in hitting the door precisely because of the fact the clock strikes 5:30 than studying what the actual regulations are concerning your request. carry their ft to the fireplace, as a manner to talk, till you're specific the innovations your given is actual. the appropriate of The Season to you and yours, Lenny.

    If you're on unemployment, how can you afford to move between states?

How do you apply for jobs on hotels in norway?

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