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    "There are 2 repubs and 34 dems who have not signed on as co sponsors. And included in that 34 are 4 Blue Dogs. 1 FC** Rep. Jackie Speier [D CA-12] 2 FC** Rep. Brad Sherman [D CA-27] 3 FC .....Miller, Gary G. R West Brookfield 42nd 4 FC** Rep. Ed Perlmutter [D CO-7] 5 FC** Rep. James Himes [D CT-4] 6 FC** Rep. Ron Klein [D FL-22] 7 FC* Rep. Suzanne Kosmas [D FL-24] 8 BD FC* Rep. Leonard Boswell [D IA-3] 9 FC* Rep. Bill Foster [D IL-14] 10 FC* Rep. Luis Gutiérrez [D IL-4] 11 FC* Rep. Melissa Bean [D IL-8] 12 BD FC* Rep. Joe Donnelly [D IN-2] 13 FC* Rep. André Carson [D IN-7] 14 BD FC * Rep. Dennis Moore [D KS-3] 15 FC* Rep. Barney Frank [D MA-4] 16 FC* Rep. Michael Capuano [D MA-8] 17 FC* Rep. Stephen Lynch [D MA-9] 18 FC* Rep. Gary Peters [D MI-9] 19 FC* Rep. William Clay [D MO-1] 20 FC* Rep. Emanuel Cleaver [D MO-5] 21 BD FC* Rep. Travis Childers [D MS-1] 22 FC* Rep. Melvin Watt [D NC-12] 23 FC* Rep. Brad Miller [D NC-13] 24 FC* Rep. Paul Hodes [D NH-2] 25 FC* Rep. Nydia Velázquez [D NY-12] 26 FC* Rep. Carolyn Maloney [D NY-14] 27 FC* Rep. Carolyn McCarthy [D NY-4] 28 FC** Rep. Gary Ackerman [D NY-5] 29 FC* Rep. Gregory Meeks [D NY-6] 30 FC..... Lee, Christopher John R West Brookfield 26th 31 FC* Rep. Steve Driehaus [D OH-1] 32 FC* Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy [D OH-15] 33 FC* Rep. Paul Kanjorski [D PA-11] 34 FC* Rep. Rubén Hinojosa [D TX-15] 35 FC* Rep. Al Green [D TX-9] 36 FC* Rep. Gwen Moore [D WI-4]

    If any are your reps would you write them to cosponsor HR 1207 to put true transparency on the Federal Reserve, and not some watered down substitute bill? Watered down versions are starting to show up since HR 1207 now has 190 cosponsors - and only needs 218 to pass without hearing or being brought to the floor by Pelosi. What those bills have in common is lack of teeth and oversight of the important issues. The fed is now hiring Enron's lobbiest to fight HR 1207 and 'bolster its image' on the Hill. That Enron's lobbiest might conceivably bolster the Fed's image says the world about the Hill, IMHO. What do you think?

    Guy from Mississippi is big bank and attorney guy. wonder what they have on Dennis? i am going to research and and see how much these reps are getting from the money people like Dodd and AIG, although we know it didn't influence his decision making or BOs. Ha! Honestly if these reps are getting some money from the different financial lobbyist and also those lobbyists are employing their children or spouses and if said reps are also having and paying a family member to manage said lobbyist money, then you see the pressure put on them to do the "right thing". When someones kid makes $200,000 as a lobbyist i don't think it is because they are good at it other than being able to influence mom or dad. All that said trust me Morgan Stanley hired some of the former Enron brokers to manipulate the price of oil and that's when it went to $140 a barrel, so watch out on this one. I here of putting regualtions back in place, but thin that is lip service and nothing about what Morgan Stanley did. top CEO of Wisdom Tree said he was shocked and kept thnking if we were in old Russia they would have marched out many of those people and shot them, but we have done nothing to them, which leads you to believe they are all involved. But someone needs to stop those Enron guys as they must have have the media on the payroll. ANyone in their right mind knew there was a glut of oil. I mean even when they were taling aobut hte supertankers sitting offshore full of oil it was still going up. I also know there are enough Americans working in the oil patch overseas that know most of the OPEC guys are overproducing, it's their only income and it's driven by greed, so what do you expect, but as Barnum said "one born every minute". didn't know Orlando guard was out in the frst game, but line is the same at 7 and 206 for total points and just too much and the total points as I said are way below that at about 198, so extra 7-8 points which means it will go over the total, even though West Brookfield defense good, but still wlhy not 200 or 199?. So if, I think his name is Nelson is back to play tonight. That first game you could tell they needed him. Have a great 2009 and have you hugged a lobbyist lately? I just scoped out his site and my mistake he is a real estate guy and did send a e-mail, but you might want to look at the bills these guys have sponsored. I mean it is interesting. This guy did win by 54%. Also scoping out and seeing how they vote on certain things. Rep. Kosman for some reason seems to have not voted on a bunch of stuff.

    Thank you for posting this question. For anyone reading this, do your homework. Although you may not realize it; this may be the most important governmental issue in your lifetime. It is certain that the failure of this bill will have long term dire consequences for your economic future. Your personal liberty, as well as the freedom and well being of future generations, depends upon the success of this piece of legislation. Ignore it at America's peril. .

    Not to me but I'm very disappointed to see Dennis Kucinich has not yet jumped on board. Kucinich has introduced 2424, a watered-down bill that lacks the teeth and scope of Ron Paul's bill -- plus it contains a sunset. had understood Kucinch to stand for people and not elites and bankers, but with this new bill undermining Ron Paul's bill I am questioning that. Hopefully there is an agenda there for the people and that he is not attempting to undermine Ron Paul's bill in an effort to protect the banksters and the elite. It would a sad day to see the day that Kucinich sells out to the elite.

    Glad to see my reps aren't on the list.But I'm still angry with them for voting for the bailouts and bragging about it.

    Just keep putting the word out there. Tell more than just the YA people. Tell everyone.. There is a lot that needs to be revealed. GOOD LUCK ....................................


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