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    I'm 21, have a lot of money saved from working, and think it's time for me to move somewhere far. I live in Oakland Ashburn and there's nothing for me here anymore. My family and friends are all in jail, my surroundings are so negative, the people I know are negative. I want to move somewhere across state or maybe even the country, but don't know anyone outside of my hometown. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but knew I needed money first. I want to go to a new place, meet new friends, and start a new life......I just don't know where to start since I don't know anyone outside of my city

    If you have enough money to get started in school then I recommend moving to a city that's big and economically healthy and has a good university and a good junior college system. Assuming you don't have a degree yet, go to work on a night shift first, take classes in junior college during the day, and then transfer your credits to the uni' and get your four-year degree (or more) after you get your two-year degree. Pick a major first (preferrably one that is likely to score you a big paycheck with a semblance of job security) and talk to an undergrad advisor at the university before you talk to the junior college. If you already have college credits you will want to talk to the university before you even move there. If you aim to go to a public school you will have to live in your new state for at least a year to qualify for in-state tuition, so keep good records such as the invoice for your first utilities bill or your first rental contract showing a permanent address. You sound like you might need a break from people in general. I know the feeling. It might pay dividends later on if you were to live like the proverbial "mormon" and just work and study for a few years until you have a degree'd profession. Too many non-degree'd shift-workers tend to let their hair down a little too much after work and on weekends, and otherwise aren't into academics. Ditto for a lot of junior college students and lower division undergrad's. Just be friendly, but not familiar, with people for a few years until you have a cool career and some more lattitude to choose who you want to have in your personal life. Lastly, check out the states that don't have an income tax. If this country were as free as it could realistically be the 16th Amendment would be about keeping a balanced budget or something like that; not about forcing us all to disclose our personal finances to the government of all places. (This is my political side.) Texas has a good economy compared to most other states, and it doesn't have an income tax. The cops can be nazi's but that's probably everywhere you go. Lubbock, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, College Station and Houston all have really good public universities and I know the middle three have good feeder junior colleges. You can work in semiconductors in Dallas and Austin. San Antonio has a big new Toyota fab and lot's of medical jobs. Houston is always looking for people who don't mind working with chemicals; and welders, welders, welders for the shipyard and off-shore. College Station & Lubbock are ag' towns so there might not be much in the way of decent paying jobs. Wherever you go, be sure you apply for jobs through the "temp" agencies first. The only jobs that I've had (here in Texas) that I didn't find through the agencies I found through my school's occupational services office. Adecco and Volt are practically compulsory and they're all over the country I think, but be careful about Adecco; they tend to hire people in flights that are too big to handle and payroll gets screwed up and anything that can go wrong usually does until the company they send you to hires you on permanently. I'd recommend the military, especially if you already have a skill, but I'm guessing that every single branch is on the verge of a post-Vietnam sized drawdown. The G.I.Bill is the best thing short of having a trust fund when it comes to funding college. In case you don't already have a bead on this one, if you've ditched your family it doesn't matter where you go, you're going to find people who will take issue with your having ditched your family. I haven't been everywhere of course and I don't know your particular set of circumstances, but a long time ago I started taking issue with the way I was raised and eventually I wound up telling my whole family, immediate & extended, goodbye for good. I wasted a lot of years figuring out that there's no justice for the badly raised, (not to say that you were badly raised, but I sure was.) All I could do was leave and it was the best thing I've ever done. You are doing pretty good to figure this out at twenty-one. This means you aren't a herd-animal and you can think for yourself. Anyway as I was about to say, mostly it's the religious people you have to watch out for. They get that "honor thy father" crap into their heads and it doesn't seem to mean anything to them that half the fathers in this country choose to raise their kids by writing a child support check each month. The "holier than thou - this guy needs to hear my opinon about his ditching of his family" crap follows quickly in lock-step. Stay away from those conversations. Just stay away from mystics altogether. You've got your work cut out for you but just treat it like the adventure it is. Don't worry about not knowing anyone; that's a peaceful way to be and it sure beats not having any control over who you know. Take care out there.

    I'm sorry about your situation. It probably doesn't feel good at all to feel isolated. You could probably do some research and find a place you think you would like, and plan a trip there. That way you can become familiar with the place and potentially meet some people.

    What areas are you thinking of anyone would do you know you would need to find a new job when you move and a new house make friends with your cowork when you get a job find house saler talk to here to the place or state you want to move.

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