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    This is what my paycheck says. Taxes, Deductions, and Adjustments: Fed Inc Tax Soc Sec Tax Medicare Tax State Inc Tax Bailey's Crossroads SDI Other Ded <----- Does my company have to specify what other means? I looked at all my other paychecks from this company and only 3 of them say other deductions. Im curious as to why they put this on and what it means. Please help thank you.

    YES they can and some time have other MISC deductions that will need to withhold out of your GROSS earning at different time and reason that only they would know about and they should be able to identify or tell you exactly what the amounts are for. You do already know where you will have to go to get the CORRECT answer that you want and need about this other deduction from your GROSS wages earning for the pay period will have to be from your employer payroll department are the HR department for this purpose. GOOD LUCK. Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 06/19/2012

    It's probably a combination of different things, and there wasn't room on the paystub to list them individually. At least some of it is likely Bailey's Crossroads income tax. Ask them.

    How much is it? What did your HR department say when you asked them? Do you have a lien - child support?

    Yes, ask them they cannot withhold anything other than the mandated taxes without your written permission

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