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    What did you claim on your W-4? Single with ZERO exemptions has the most taken out but $135 is really low income. They use tables and because the check was so small, the tables/charts indicated you won't owe any taxes when you file your return HOWEVER, that isn't always the case. Social Security/Medicare/SDI are automatic and are based on a percentage of the gross income. SS is 4.2% (typically 6.2%). MC is 1.45%. SDI is 1.2%. There is no way getting around those. BTW, your employer is also paying 6.2% for your SS, 1.45% for MC, and other employer payroll taxes.

    It quite relies upon on the state so that is not basic to assert, i'm from Chester and that i actually had my state go back in the previous I had my Federal. it would want to be allot of diverse issues preserving it up. in simple terms keep checking on the status that is about all you would possibly want to do.

    single and -0- Gross pay for 1 week pay period 150.00 Gross pay $150.00 Federal income tax $6.92 Social Security $6.30 Medicare $2.18 California $0.10 Net pay (take home) $134.50 Payroll Withholding Tax Calculator This easy to use payroll calculator will help you determine your take home pay. It handles both hourly and salary calculations, federal withholding, FICA (Social security), Medicare, and withholding for all 50 states. Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 06/22/2011

    How long was the check for? Sounds like you didn't make enough to owe any income tax, based on what you put on your W-4, so they didn't take any out.

    It depends on how much you make and how many allowances you put (or didn't put) on your W-4. You may not be making enough to require income tax withholding.

    B/c of how you filled out your W4. With that small of a check, it's entirely possible you had no withholding.

    Be patient They will. . . .but are getting you over the threshhold Not uncommon with first paycheck when payments are so low HOW you filled out w-4, how many allowances you claimed, controls the withholding The MORE allowances claimed, the LESS withholding for SIT and FIT

    Because $135 is not enough gross to have income tax withheld

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