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    What (besides praying and reading the Bible) What would you do If this was your life: You were laid off in March 2007. Have been looking for work on Monster, Career Builder, Diverse Careers, SnagAJob, California Gigs, CollegeJobBoard, etc, for 2 + years, with no leads. You earned your undergrad degree in Business in March 2009. You are only waiting for graduation, in 2 weeks. You have about $30 in bank and you need every bit of it for gasoline You live in Riverside County, CA. You live with your widowed mother and your an only child. Moving is not a option, you do not know anyone else to move to larger cities, like Gloucester or San Diego. You know that you need to network to meet people, but since you only have 1/2 in your gas tank, you save it for when you really need to drive someplace. The buses are not reliable where you live and do not take you to where you need to go. Your unemployment ran out 3 weeks ago. Your mother can not help you financially. Your step-father passed 5 years ago. You already re-applied for UI benefits since you were "told" to do so from your last claim form from the state of California (even though you believe you will not get anything since the only year in your adult life that you did not work was 2008). You have no kids, so applying for Food Stamps would probably not help and you probably would not get any-but you apply for them anyway, just in case. You are 33 years old and single. Never married. A female. You used to go to a baptist church, but have not been to church (the one you used to go to) for over a year. You feel as if the people at your old church act like they are better than others that are not Christian.-Remember, you only have $30 in bank and 1/2 tank of gasoline, so driving to another church farther away is not a option. You have Asperger Syndrome or at least very evident traits of it. What, besides reading the Bible and getting on your knees and praying for: Food. money for gasoline in your car, a job, and a husband... what would you do? What can a Christian do in this situation- besides pray and read the Bible? I want practical solutions to this. This mean, something that does not have to do with faith. This is a real question and I am really in this situation. I have shelter. What I need is gasoline in the car for a job. My mom can not purchase food for me. She only has enough $ for herself, and she is scrapping by. (I used to help HER with her bills when I had unemployment coming in and it was less than $500 a month). So, what can a Christian do?

    Since I have Asperger Syndrome, a fast food job would not work out really well. Too much people contact and that kind of job relys too much on working memory. I already did cashiering in 1999. Hated it and I was exhuasted by all of the people (constant people) contact. I need something a little more quiet. Like accounting or payroll. I have no exp in payroll.

    You are plenty intelligent and you are healthy. Don't let the Asperger Syndrome hold you back. Get on line and start filling out applications for anything... everything from stocking at the big box marts (WalMart, Big Lots, Target) in the evenings and anything else you can find. Anything will do until you can land a proper job. You can juggle 2 part-time jobs if you have to. Check the United Way charities... they do have placement. Consider part-time work in your field, or even do some volunteer work just to get a reference or an introduction to another job.

    Praying and reading the Bible is practical. Instead of just looking 4 jobs on the internet alone, go out and do something get 2 know ppl that may be able 2 help you. You can find a near by church and walk there and get 2 meet ppl there.You'll be fascinated by the amount of people in a church that can help you. Instead of looking for a main job start off smaller while u continue 2 look 4 a actual job. It wont hurt 2 get a job at like a fast food place or somewhere which will give you some money, even if the job isn't ideal it will help. Remember: The Lord works in mysterious ways. If ur just going 2 pray and read the Bible and hope God does something 4 u without u actually trying 2 help yourself...nothing will happen.Also, God has a plan 4 everyone and remember every story has a turning point. umm... No offence...but u call youself a Christian or whatever and look at what u r saying...."besides pray and read the Bible? I want practical solutions to this. This mean, something that does not have to do with faith"...God watches over every single one of us whether we like it or not...once u open the door and let God in everything will be ok...If u believe in God and/or Jesus u should know that ur whole life should revolve around ur faith...and the sooner u realize this the better. Hope this helps you....tell me once your situation gets better

    Its funny you said " something that does not have to do with faith" very good, but in this case we do need faith, but faith to believe for a breakthrough. I want to tell you about a seed. and i feel you do know how a seed works as far as food or harvest! remember if the seed don't die(fall to the ground) it cannot do any thing. a small seed brings forth so much fruit, in the same way when we learn not to look at where we are but to look at the opportunity of letting go of what we have to receive a harvest. the seed has to fall to the ground to see it grow..... its hard to believe this but just look at the way the seed grows. to be a Christian means to give in the mist of our pain, fine a Jewish Ministries and give from your heart and you well see big things happen. 2 Chronicles 20:20, 2 Timothy 1:7, Luke 6:38 just read this few scritptures and you well be ok. its your time now. Prosperity is on your way.

    They don't seem to be Jews because of fact Jew's don't think the messiah has come yet. they do no longer have faith Jesus so believing in Jesus and saying your Jewish for sure contradicts one yet another.... it somewhat is unhappy that there are those Evangelist Christians that decision themselves "Jews". supply up this custom now, your disgracing the two Judaism and Christianity.

    Your situation is truly a difficult one, my friend.............You said that you haven't been to your old church in over a year...........that is one thing you need to seriously look at...........Please realize that people who are members of a church, are just like everyone else.........even though you may think they are snobs --- if they are truly born again believers, they will not be unwilling to help people in need............. That being said, I will say exactly what I have had to tell my own 22 year old order to 'get by', there are lots of things we do not like to do..........but there are times when we 'must' do those things so that we are better able to get to the destination we are looking for (job-wise, life situation-wise, etc).............. I truly wish the best for you in this and your mother will be in my prayers.................. God Bless......................

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    Lelah Schumm
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    Justyn Block
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