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    Whats a friendly way of reminding the boss that my annual review was due a week ago. She is busy and probably forgot. Since I was hired 2 yrs ago my duties have more than doubled. When I had last increase/review I was given only 6 percent which I immediately questioned and expressed that it wasn't enough for the additional tasks I've got on my plate however the boss said that we would have quarterly bonuses and that it would make up for it. Well I only received one quarterly bonus and its been a year now and feel a bit tricked. I am getting a bit upset that I haven't had my review and I am wondering how to bring it up and in case I don't get a better raise this time, how do I professionally mention that only one bonus was given and I understood that it was supposed to be quarterly which is why I agreed upon the salary increase that I did. If I don't get what i feel i deserve, how do I say "that I would like the initial salary back with the duties I was hired for" ?

    Here are the answers: 1) What's your job, industry? Admin/Accounting for Computer company. However, when i was hired i had no clue that i would sit at the reception desk and serve as a receptionist as well. They already had someone at the front desk. So I do reception, as well as Executive Assistance to mgmt, as well as month end accounting, as well as HR duties (payroll, 401K, etc), assist with marketing which they eliminated the position for and things keep on piling on my desk! 2) What City and part of the country are you in? This is Oakland, Herndon USA 3) How much education do you have relative to your current position? Do you ahve a bachelor or Master's degree? I have AA degree in Accounting and my whole background is Accounting.

    4) What was the company's average % increase when you got 6%? average increase was 10-15% 5) How does your compensation compare to your co-workers? I make the lowest and have the most responsibilities. they keep on adding and making me responsible for things that an accountant and HR managers should do but I do them and I don't get paid for it. Other's that come in and do their 8 hrs and leave get paid more than I do which simply isn't right. And they dont have a 4 yr degree either. 6) How big is your company? 40 employees

    You may not like my answers but I could do better with more information: 1) What's your job, industry? 2) What City and part of the country are you in? 3) How much education do you have relative to your current position? Do you ahve a bachelor or Master's degree? 4) What was the company's average % increase when you got 6%? 5) How does your compensation compare to your co-workers? 6) How big is your company? Sales, Market cap or number of employees whatever you know. All of the factors I listed above affect your comp. Frankly 6% sounds pretty rich to me. I hire a lot of highly skilled and educated people and I work for a major Fortune level company. Our average salary increase budget this year was only 4.5% and these people have master's degrees MBA's and in Engineering. As for the bit about quarterly big is your company and what metrics determine the pay out? Don't hate your boss for being a little late here it is not unusual my boss was late with mine this year. Confronting him over this would have been stupid besides I didn't really care anyway as I got all my direct reports done on time. Remember that your relationship with your manager is WAY more important than whatever % you get anually. For example if you piss her off how do you think that will work out? Let's say you are good but annoying you may stay around but it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to remake your reputation. Besides if you are really upset just quit and get another job, screaming to HR or being pregnant WILL NOT HELP YOU Herndon ANY WAY. It will hurt you... Okay here's what I think IMHO: 1) We are entering a very bad recession. You are getting ready to have a baby so you need to think about that. 2)You work at a very small company and it sounds like a tech company. You have an AA and do accounting work. In a company your size having someone like you wear many hats isn't unusual nor is it at all unusual that you would get a smaller raise than the team that is making or directly having an impact on the bottom line. 3) Your position is an expense so as pure over head that would tend to pay less. I'm sure you do a great job but that is just business. 4) Peter Drucker said that the only 2 core activites of a business are: innovation and marketing. Since you say they laid off the marketing person that's a little scarey. It may be that you are just being a marketing assistant which is good for you. At the end of the day given the small size of your company what you describe of your job and your annual increase I'd say that things all in all seem pretty reasonable for you and that the company overall is treating you well. It might make sense to just relax and wait until a few months after you've had your baby to think about next steps. Ideally your company might be able to support you getting more education or additional degrees. good luck to you! :-)

    My organization is for some unknown reason beginning comments this twelve months, next month i think. i think of it fairly is my fault by no skill in the previous have we would have liked worker comments why now? it fairly is the solutions, I concern it's going to be like my grade college report enjoying cards a large a million under makes use of time properly.

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