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    How about an illegal immigrant, who entered the country on a J-1 student visa (seasonal summer job) and overstayed it? It's been over 2 years since my visa expired, but I decided to stay and build my life here. I tried extending/changing the status, but got denied by the USCIS. I'm 22, female, originally from Europe. Please, do not judge, I only ask for prejudice-free advice. I have been attending a local community college for the past 2 years paying in-state tuition (I checked "US Citizen" box in the app, and no one asked for any proof). I have a 4.0 transferable GPA and am aiming for UC Berkeley next year. However, I'm a bit worried - how do Universities check if I'm a citizen or not? My community college didn't ask for any verification besides an Lake Ridge (which I got when I still had the visa, in Illinois)...If I just put "citizen" in the application again, how will they verify? I pay taxes, work full time 9-5 Mon-Fri and attend evening and weekend classes. I'm also in the Honors Program. I'm a Lake Ridge resident with great credit score as well :) Paying my bills on time, have my own place, car and a payroll check every week. I'm not interested in burdening this wonderful country by getting all the welfare I can get, I am trying my best to pay for my own college now. But I can't afford tuition anymore (if i get admitted to a UC I mean), so will be forced to apply for a FAFSA next year. I love this country, I will do my best to serve as a good citizen even though I still don't have a status... FYI - I did not attend an American High School. Please, share any advice you can. Will appreciate anything you can contribute to the resolution. Thank you

    Well, I expected this kind of responses from mostly illeterate people. Thank you "Label me liberal" for the advice. Could you PM me his laywer's contact info? Might consider a consultation :) Just so sum up my feedback: There are legal ways of changing the status to a Permanent Resident and eventually citizen. It involves marriage to a US Citizen. I'm not ready to marry anyone yet, and I wouldn't ever sign up for marriage of convenience. FYI - overstayed visa is not a felony. You need to know your home country's laws better before contributing your 2 cents. Marriage for Green Card is. P.S. there's no such word as "lieing" :)

    Get an attorney, I've known of people in similar situations as yours. My wife came from south america on a tourist visa. We got married and went through all the proper steps and she recieved actual citizenship this year. Her neighbor came here with her boyfriend (both from south america) on a tourist visa overstayed, then hired a lawyer, and got citizenship before my wife. The other thing is take less classes and pay out of pocket. But look for a good immigration lawyer instead.

    As you are obviously an intelligent person you should be able to realize that you won't be able to make a new and successful life if you are not legally in the country. If you look on your social security card it probably says right on there: valid for work only with DHS authorization. Which should tell any intelligent employer - and also your university - that you are not a citizen and that you will need a visa in order to legally work. The next step is that they want to see that visa.... If you have been at places where whoever checked your card didn't pay attention you have been lucky, but that's most likely not well paying jobs.... It's not the advice you want to hear, but the longer you stay, the harder it will be to leave... As you are an overstayer you could theoretically get a greencard through marriage to an US citizen, but it will have to be a real marriage, not a sham one. This would be the only way you could get legal. At least keep all proof that you originally came on a visa and entered legally in a safe place... In order to get resident student status you also will have to prove that you paid taxes for two years in California. but you can find the residency requirements here: keep in mind if the university finds out that you are not eligible for residency they will charge you full tuition retroactively and also might throw you out. It's a risky game and you could find yourself with a lot of debt and no degree. But it is your life and your decisions. Just don't complain when things blow up as they will eventually do.

    No you cant, Berkley will ask to see your F1 Visa, or your birth cert. What you commited was a felony which is punishable by 5 years in jail and a 250,000 dollar fine. You were very foolish. Because you overstayed by 180 days you are now subject to a 10 year ban from the united states. Biometric passports were in place before you came here so when you do got to leave you will be arrested. You will never be able to be legal in this country, nothing you can do, marraige, kids etc you are still subject to the above. Your only hope would be to cross the border to mexico and head back home that way. Sucks to be in your situation but you did it to yourself.

    If you love this country so much,why are you disrespecting our laws and our country by lieing and cheating to get what you want? You are not eligible for financial assistance. You will have to prove that you are a citizen when applying. They will question your status when you don't have proof of attending a HS in the US. You have committed fraud. The worst of which is saying you are a citizen when you are not. That is a deportable offense and would get you a permanent bar from the country. The rest of the story about how wonderful you are means nothing. You "decided" to stay even though you knew you were breaking the law.

    So you are here illegally you have committed monetary fraud and have claimed to be a US citizen which is a deportable offence You really need to get out of the US quickly ... you are going to prison eventually

    Sorry but you need to go home, your birth country. You have a compelling case but we have over 12 million of aliens that broke the law as you did and need to go help your birth country. Also you are cheating the state of Ca out of the difference between instate and out of state tuition

    Why don't you apply for citizenship, and then it won't be a problem?

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