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    I've been at my job for 6 months (found out I was pregnant 2 months after starting the job) ... then told my boss 2 months ago. (I'm now 28 weeks pregnant). She just told me that she is going to have to let me go because she wants someone with an accounting degree (which I didn't have when I got hired .. she knew that)! and says shes going to hire someone to do my position and the accounting all at once. So that means I don't get maternity leave?? When I was hired ... it was on a 90 day trial basis .. everything was great! never said anything about hiring anyone else .. ( I didnt tell her about the pregnancy until after the 90 days) .. now all of a sudden since its almost time for maternity leave and disability .. she's letting me go! Is it because I'm pregnant??? I've never missed a day or messed up any assignment! do I still get disability for the pregnancy?? and what about maternity leave?? any advice would be great! thanks! :)

    At the original interview (before I got pregnant) she asked me did I plan on having children in the next two years (and I said no) because she said she wasnt going to hire anyone who planned on having children in the next two years!* *and I truly didnt plan on having children ..we were going to wait until my husband finished school .. I got pregnant with this baby while being on the pill) She also said, the new girl is starting in 2 weeks but she'd like to have me fill in once in a while??? so, obviously I didn't do anything wrong .. I live in Lakeside and it's a small business( its a real estate development company and only has 4 employees on payroll) but is worth millions of dollars. The second biggest real estate development companys in our town.

    I believe that you were fired because of your pregnant. If she know that you did not have the degree when she hired you then it should not matter now that you have been there 90 days. I would talk with an attorney and see if you have a case for wrongful termination. And good luck with the baby.

    According to your infos, i think you are fired because of pregnancy. Since you say they are a small business, she's might not be able to afford you going on maternity leave. Suing the company is totally up to you. If you win, you'll get some money, if you loose, you'll loose a ton of money. The hard part is having enough evidence that she fired you because of your pregnancy. I was discriminated from my past employer due to my pregnancy, too. I wasn't promoted because I was pregnant. Everyone in the company knew it, but kept their mouth shut. They talked to me about it, but never mention it to the manager. I just walked out of that place and never return. Good thing was I got a job right away because I had plan B - I was still friend with my old boss.

    Who knows. I doubt you could sue and win though. In essence, all we have are two conflicting stories of how and under what conditions you were hired. You claim she asked if you were planning to get pregnant (which is not a legal question). I bet if we asked your boss she will deny it. Who should I or a lawyer or judge or jury believe? So forget on banking on anything said during the interview. All that is left is the cause for your job loss. You say it is because you got pregnant. Your boss will say something different. She will say your performance wasn't good enough or you weren't educated enough. She will say she honestly thought an accounting degree wasn't necessary and based on your work, she realizes she was wrong. She will claim you make errors or are not any case, her claims will legitimate business reasons. You have to convince everyone she is lying. And that will be tough. Sorry...but I don't think you can pursue this any farther unless you have some solid evidence.

    Based on your information, yes I do. You got fired because of you are pregnant. Maternity leave is a benefits offered by companies. Since you got fired, then there is no maternity leave for you. I am not sure you are qualified for disability, but at least you should be able to get unemployment insurance. You can sue your boss for discrimination if you have the energy and money, but there is no guarantee you are going to win.

    For one: Asking if you plan on having any children is an interview question that is against the law! More than likely she did fire you for that but file unemployment and tell them exactly what you told us. Since she asked you questions during your interview that are illegal to ask, you have a 90% chance of collecting unemployment. A lot of businesses will fire someone within a certain time frame so they do not have to pay insurance benefits. I think what your employer did was unethical and how she is handling it as well. Good Luck

    Pregnancy is not a disability-i have never heard of anyone who got disability for having a baby. do i think you got fired for being pregnant? yes i do, but you need to prove it. you might want to contact an attorney. good luck! you could apply for unemployment since you were let go-that would help with some income-just DO NOT tell unemployment that you are pregnant.

    Employment in the US is "at will". You can be fired for any reason, or for no reason. If you go after her she will deny it. I would not have a problem hiring a pregnant woman, but I would be P.o'ed that I had been lied to about it, and that is what it looks like from where she is standing.

Can I take the SAT Subject Tests after I apply to the university that requires it to be accepted there?

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