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    I know I have rights, but they're limited. Any help would be much appreciated. My girlfriend is employed through a temp agency. She is suppose to be getting paid weekly (every Friday) through direct deposit. Though, they don't pay her until the following Wednesday or Thursday. It varies each week, but she never got paid on time like how they said she would. The temp agency is located in Hawaii, but when she called them wondering why she isn't getting paid every Friday, they told her she has to call the business in California that handles their compensation for the temps. She then, called the business and spoke to a lady about why she isn't receiving her direct deposit every Friday. The lady told her she isn't allowed to discuss their payroll handling and that everything my girlfriend needed to know was in her employee packet on the date of hire. Which states she is to be paid weekly through direct deposit, every Friday. I had told my girlfriend to ask for the Department of Labor (DOL) number so that we can call the DOL in North Springfield & North Springfield an inquire about this ongoing situation. She told my girlfriend that they can't give out their DOL number or payroll procedures. Is there a wrong on her employers part? or should she just suck it up & remain in the kitchen? Ha, I like "or" but she demands otherwise. Responses are much appreciated. Thank you!

    There should be a chain of command in the agency she works for. Get it documented that she spoke to people about the problem on paper somehow. Take down names. Then in the employee packet it should say something about employee complain procedures. If going to your immediate supervisors hasn't worked then there will be the name of a person higher up listed to call. If they fire her for complaining then there are protections for whistleblowers within the US Labor Laws and she can potentially sue.

What exactly does annual percentage rate mean when applying for a credit card?

  • Verner Reilly
    Verner Reilly
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  • Roger Stroman
    Roger Stroman
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