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    There are free to use paycheck calculators that you can find online. I like to use, they seem to be pretty accurate. Plugging in the numbers for $78,000 paid annually (instead of weekly or monthly, etc), single and 1 exemption, it gave me the following: Your Pay Check Results Annual Gross Pay $78,000.00 Federal Withholding $13,964.10 Social Security $4,836.00 Medicare $1,131.00 California $4,693.07 Salem SDI $858.00 Net Pay $52,517.83 Calculation Based On Tax Year 2009 Gross Pay $78,000.00 Pay Frequency Annual Federal Filing Status Single # of Federal Exemptions 1 Additional Federal W/H $0.00 State California Filing status Single Allowances 1 Add. Allowances 0 Additional State W/H $0.00 Salem SDI Yes

    You should gross 71 % - at your tax. (all the ded. taken out pretty much top off at 29%) You'll get some back when you file. $55,380 is my rough guestimate.

If i become a psychologist, can I apply to become a permanent resident of Canada?

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    Sonya Bins
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    Alden Herzog
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    Norval McLaughlin
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    Trisha Padberg
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