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    I am 25 make under 40k. I have about 20k in cc debt and 40k in student loans. I am about to get sued by one of the creditors i owe money too. I am thinking that filing for bankruptcy is my best option. Although my past got me in this mess I am doing everything i can to reduce my living costs. Some of the debt has been sold off to collection agencies and I just need some good advice. I will be contacting a lawyer but i want to make sure that is in fact the best person to talk to. I am in Suffolk so if you have any recommendations please help?

    ~~An attorney would have to help you decide on which chapter better fits your needs. It depends on many factors. You know though, you are not able to file on any student loans. For your other debts, just take everything to an attorney, along with your assets and payroll info, then the attorney will explain what would work best for your situation. I know a great attorney in the I.E. What part of Suffolk do you live in. Email me (through this forum) if you live in this area and I will gladly give you his name. He is excellent!~~

    Financial ruin thirteen is Debt Consolidation, confer with a lawyer and study. below financial ruin thirteen the courtroom will take you total debt and make a as quickly as a month total they sense you pays. This you deliver to a trustee who will cope with the paying of you debt. financial ruin thirteen additionally rebuilds your credit, so, don't be misinform that it a nasty element. lots of people who come out of financial ruin thirteen have extra helpful credit than people who in no way filed. Debt Consolidation I unsure of. it could bypass away your credit status tainted because it relatively no longer have the legality that financial ruin thirteen has. How lenders will see this; Debt Consolidation exhibits you acquire in a good spot and could desire to no longer cope with the debt and you may do it back. financial ruin thirteen relatively a similar, only the lenders understand you could no longer record back for a mentioned volume of years, so, they actually see you as a extra helpful credit danger. Many attorneys provide a loose first time consultation. What you may desire to do is locate one that loose and confer with verify in extra helpful component how this all artwork after which you additionally could make a extra helpful determination as to what you may desire to do.

    Hi Jenny... You can solve your option problem by asking just question using online form and bankruptcy attorney will give you answers. Here you will get many other solutions but the attorney will suggest you right choice. p.s. -

    Yea, try paying your bills like the rest of us!

Using cash advances from credit cards to pay off student loans?

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