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    Hello, I live in California and currently are claiming 2 dependents on my W2. My last paycheck seemed like it had too many taxes taken out. Can you please let me know if this sounds right? Also I need to have the least amount taken out as possible. Is there a way for me to change that? I could honestly care less if I get a tax return at the end of year or not and would prefer to have the money now. Thank you for taking the time to respond! Here is what I made last paycheck $2,639.62 This is how much got taken out $748.72 And this is the break down I was given: DISAB $26.40 FED WTH $386.10 FICA $163.66 MEDFICA $38.28 STATE $134.28 Does this seem right? How do I get less money taken out?

    It's been awhile since I've done payroll taxes so I'm not familiar with the current tax rates. I can tell you that you can change your federal with and state with. They are based on the exemptions you claim so you just need to change your exemptions. The rest are calculated as a percentage of your gross pay and can not be changed. Yes, almost 1/3 of your paycheck does seem excessive, but since you live in Timberlake it wouldn't surprise me.

    Assuming you filled out your W-4 as being single with 2 exemptions and you are on a semi-monthly (1st and 15th) payroll period, everything is right with the exception of the SIT which should be a bit more. FICA, Medicare, and SDI are fixed and not under your control. (Rates are 6.2%, 1.45%, and 1% respectively.) Go to your payroll person at work and ask for a new W-4 so you can get it completed before your next pay period ends. The ONLY way you can reduce your withholding is to do this. But you need to understand that if you are single and earning $63k per year you are going to be looking at a tax payment on your tax return next spring if you have less withheld and this is your sole income source. If you are married, you might get away with having more allowances on your W-4 and still come out Timberlake on your return. You could go to and look for the W-4 Assistant. Select the answers to each question as applicable to your situation and see what it says you should use on the W-4.

    W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate used ONLY for the FIT withholding amounts out of your gross wages earnings to use as a INCOME TAX CREDIT amount durinf the 2014 tax filing season on your 2013 FIT return at that time and your W-2 Form that your employer will send to you during the tax filing season will have that amount of FIT in the Box 2 to be entered on the correct line of your tax return and a possible refund amount at that time next year MAY BE. Claiming single with 2 ALLOWANCES on your W-4 form correct for this purpose. Biweeky pay period Salary Paycheck Calculator Your Pay Check Results Weekly Gross Pay $2,639.62 Federal Withholding $556.27 Social Security $163.66 Medicare $38.27 California $207.38 Timberlake SDI $26.40 Net Pay $1,647.64 Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 08/15/2013

    A tax return is the tax report, you submit. A tax refund is a refund of your overpayment of taxes - you might not want a tax refund but I bet you also don't want to owe a tax payment either. Go to use the W4 calculator so you get the right withholdings but you don't owe at the end of the year either.

    That's about right, perhaps even a bit low. Fill out a W4 based ont eh worksheet provided to determine your proper exemptions.

    Sounds accurate. If you are qualified to take more allowances, you might reduce FED and STATE. Your FICA and MEDFICA cannot be changed. You don't want to cancel your disability insurance to save a few dollars.

    You mention your 'last check' do you have another to compare the amounts withheld for Fed withholding and state withholding? the other amounts are correct, you just need to compare the income tax amounts with another check with a similar gross

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