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    Won't work and foreign aid? Our countries largest debts are for Social Security and Medicare, about 60% of the budget. I doubt if they are willing to give that up. The next chunk comes from the military, something they insist we need in massive amount to keep us "safe" from terrorists. Another large chunk of our money is lost through tax loopholes for corporations like Exxon who paid no tax at all last year. BP is right there with them, receiving subsidies. The "welfare" they complain of, food stamps, Pell Grants and the Earned Income Credit for poor people amount to only a small fraction of our debts. Corporate CEO's and Hedge Fund Managers escape paying Payroll Taxes (Social Security) on a large portion of income by paying themselves with stock options which are taxed as Capital Gains at a 15% rate, instead of Ordinary Income that the rest of us pay, causing huge tax shortfalls and increasing the deficit and national debt. They make a lot of noise but are unwilling to face the real reason for our sorry economic condition, which is 30 years of tax cuts, unfunded Social Security and Medicare, needless wars and subsidies for the rich while the ordinary American sinks. We all agree that we must get our financial house in order but I don't hear any ideas from them that will really do any good. Cutting Auntie's Food Stamps won't help. Could they at least be a little more honest and a little less shrill?

    1.8 M spent in Vienna casinos from welfare debit cards suggests otherwise.

    Take your argument about social security one step further and you will find the truth behind our economic downfall. It is not a Dem/Rep problem, but a problem with our monetary system in general. In 1913 Rockefeller bribed several Democrat senators to pass the Federal Reserve Act (this is well know and substantiated). At that point, the US monetary system was usurped from Congress and given to the private firm know as the Federal Reserve. In the late 1920's, after the stock market became popular, the bankers ran the following scheme to run the United States Economy into the ground: They gave out "Margin Loans" to investors, so that they could buy 10 times more stock than they had money to buy. The one stipulation is that the loan could be recalled at any time. In 1929, all of the bankers recalled all the margin loans from investors, forcing the to sell off their stocks. This caused massive panic as stock prices dropped and a snowball effect occurred. Money was devalued, and the federal budget went belly up. The bankers suggested to Roosevelt, that he pass Social Security as part of the "new deal." The bankers agreed to give out loans, and as collateral, the Federal Government guaranteed the labor and taxes of future generations under the Social Security Act essentially creating a slave state where unborn citizens are responsible for the debt incurred by their mothers and fathers. In 1933, the bankers convinced the people to abandon the gold standard. They convinced the general public that the crash occurred because of the gold standard, and not because of the blatant manipulation of the markets. We then went to a fractional reserve system. A fractional reserve system means that all money printed by the FED is loaned to the government at interest. This means that the country is forever in debt to the bankers because there is not enough money in circulation to every pay off the debt. Every fractional reserve system throughout human history has caused total economic collapse. The fractional reserve system established in the United States will fall, and we are in the beginnings of the collapse now. That is why economist Alan Greenspan former head of the FED who is part of the problem says that the United States is entering the "Greatest Depression." Of course his solution is that we need a one world currency, based on a fractional reserve system, so that the bankers can control the entire planet through economic terrorism.

    When "Welfare to Work" was passed in 94 by the Republicans and only after they threatened to over ride Clinton's veto, the Democrat Legislature in my State of Ca. refused to go along with it. We are broke. We spend between 10 to 15 billion just on welfare benefits to illegal aliens. Ca. has the largest welfare population in the country. It is a career here. The Democrats have just reduced funding to the public schools and raised tuition to the State universities for the second time is less than a year. Yet they continue to borrow to pay welfare benefits to illegals. Do you remember when States refused to take stimulus money from Obama because there were strings attached. The string is that those States had to do away with their "Welfare to Work" programs even though it brought people out of poverty. Jindal complained because it would saddle his State with an unsustainable burden that the taxpayers could not afford. It allowed for those on welfare temporally to be able to remain indefinitely. Document one instant where tax cuts did not increase revenue to the Government. What you fail to understand is that the tax cuts work.The Government refuses to stop spending. That is the problem. My retirement fund as well of everyone else in the country holds stock. Every single time Social Security has been raided it has been by a Democrat President and Democrat Congress. When FDR instituted Social Security the law was that it could not be touched for any reason that it original intent. The Democrats repealed that law and have had at it ever since. Bill Clinton being the last to do so. Read the March 1999 CBO report on the Presidents budget. Clinton took 158 billion from it. It is not the retirees that have broke Social Security. It is the Democrats. Over the years they have taken 5.4 trillion from it and never replaced one penny.

    Im sorry but wasn't Obama suppose to get us out of this war?Wasn't he suppose to curb government spending? Instead he made a bill where everyone get health care even illegals aliens and is suing Vienna over an immigration law that has already been passed lol and its not a state law its a federal law. He let 40 million tons of crude oil dump into the gulf of Mexico and all he did was get mad at bp. When he should of done something. This bill isn't creating new jobs its paying for the people who don't have jobs lol its another bail out or quick fix solution. All in his first term and don't blame this on bush lol. Obama could have pulled the troops out he also could have got the navy's help with the oil spill. He could of focused on creating jobs instead of entitling free health care which we already know is a failed system. look a medicare and medicaid. He is the only president i have ever heard of who sued a state in his union for making a law which they have every right to make. He is failing on a massive level the unemployment rate is at 10% we are 12 trillion in debt we are not out of the war and there is an illegal alien problem that is causing states to go bankrupt and yet he does nothing except fire an employee for talking trash about his friends gives free health care when we are 12 trillion in the hole waits for bp to fix the oil spill and it takes a month and sues a state because it cant pay for the social service of illegal aliens who are a security risk in the first place not to mention a economic risk. He hasn't done a thing.

    Do you really know what you are talking about. Exxon and big oil paid over 40 billion in taxes. That is money that they would normally use to pay wages and use for exploration for new oil resources. Big oil and manufactures produce close to everything we use the Government produce nothing. You didn't pay anywhere close to what big oil did. Plus bp donated 3 or 4 billion to the Obama Campaign yet he is out there bad nothing them over the oil spill in the Gulf. B.P. has been trying to stop the leak Obama hasn't come up with any solution to the problem. Nor has Nancy, Joe Biden, John Kerry, nor any of the rest of the democrat party. 60% of the gdp should go to the military , infrastructure, and a fraction should go to the pay to the house, senate, and President.

    Well, maybe if our government had not stolen money contributed for social security to pay welfare to free loaders and illegals at least that would not be in such bad shape. Same for Medicare. It's evident you do not understand yet what creates jobs and grows the economy, it is not government spending. If government taxes so heavily there cannot be investment in economic growth, we'd be right there with Mexico and Cuba. Is that what you really want for the United States?

    It's TRUE. We PAY into Social Security FOR our retirement. Only those who PAY should receive it but liberals on drug disability get it too...for nothing other than choosing to be stoners...that's so special. The Fed was only SUPPOSED to fund a military. I'm okay with that one. Obama counts me as "the rich" and my husband (investment banking) has his CPA...we DO NOT have any loopholes. WE don't get deductions for things we do for our kids and we pay the alternative minimum tax. You have it all wrong.

    Name one Republican who claims that welfare CAUSES the economic problems we face today. Why can't liberals understand that out of control social programs are PART of the economic problem.

    Exactly. If you ask them WHAT they will cut, it gets interesting for the reasons you have stated. Cutting the biggest programs would be extremely unpopular. That is, probably 80% of American voters would oppose it. Social Security really isn't in bad shape. Right now it has trillions in surplus. It's scheduled to run out in 2036 or something, but even after that point, they could continue providing 75% of benefits indefinitely without tax increases. What we clearly can't afford are things Medicare Part D, unsurprisingly a Republican idea. It was written by Big Pharma. It says the Gov. can't even negotiate prices with pharma companies!

    If we had a Fair Tax then you wouldn't have to worry about anyone "escaping" paying taxes.


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